Through the years, the institute has seen several young minds innovate, explore and create. The common element in these student endeavors has always been the spirit of innovation, zeal to create and a strong commitment to perfection in work. In the year 2011, a small group of highly determined students founded a team to compete in prestigious international Formula Student competition series. Dedicating an entire year towards developing a single seater open-wheeled race can worthy of representing IIT Madras and the country in a field comprising of the best talent from around the globe, Raftar Formula Racing made their hugely successful debut run at the Silverstone Circuit, Formula Student United Kingdom, 2012.
Today, Raftar Formula Racing has evolved into one of the most respected and recognized Formula student racing teams in the country, heading towards a strong fourth season equipped with three years of competition experience. A combination of sheer dedication, strong conceptual understanding and Intelligent design enabled them to qualify for the dynamic racing events at Formula Students Germany 2013, a task achieved by very few second year teams at what is recognized as the most challenging of all Formula Student competitions. The year 2014 was a consequential milestone in our Journey as a team. With the prodigious help from the Institute and Sponsors we successfully competed in Formula Student Germany as well as Formula Student India. The depth of knowledge discovered by the team led to strong foundation for the next year's goals. We aim high as we approach towards our future goals which would be to formulate a significant mark as a team in the world of Formula Student Racing. We wish to establish a strong network among Indian teams, so that coherently we could impact strongly in Motorsports.

Dr. Bhaskar Ramamurthy- Director, IIT Madras
Dr. B.Ravindran- Advisor, Co-Curricular
Dr. A. Ramesh- Faculty Advisor
Mohit Patil- Team Captain