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Why this program?


  • A sandbox for students to practise the highs and lows of entrepreneurship with assurance of deferred placement
  • A structured 4 stage approach where teams mature from one stage to the next
  • Stage development supported through coaching, training, peer-learning, mentoring and seed funding
  • Successful graduation from Nirmaan leads to establishment of a company (Nirmaan target: 5 in 2018)
  • Setting up a long-term program at CFI to enable students to think beyond placements!
  • To prepare students to graduate to the Incubation Cell at IIT Madras and grow further by giving them a look and feel of a start-up as well as providing seed funding for their projects.
  • To bring more students to CFI, which is a facility growing rapidly in terms of people, resources as well as achievements and more importantly, in the quality of projects being taken up.
  • Check out an article in the Economic Times about the entrepreneurial environment of IIT Madras.

What’s in it for you?


  • It empowers you with everything you need to convert your idea into an incubated start-up. Every worthy project is entitled to
    • funding up to 2 Lakhs INR
    • office space in CFI
    • A series of conferences and networking opportunities available exclusively to the participants, with top-notch entrepreneurs and venture capitalists at events planned throughout the year
    • Participation and successfully clearing 2 rounds of funding enables the team members to potentially convert their participation into a free elective
    • Mentorship will be provided to all the teams of co-founders working on their product for both, technical guidance and over business aspects of starting up
    • The participants are allowed to network with alumni and entrepreneurs coming especially during Shaastra, where their products will also be given media exposure.
Project Team One line description 100 words description  Team Contact details
Project NIRMAAN We are creating a model of PPP(public private partnership) in elementary school education which can ensure free and excellent school education in near future to each and every child in India India is going through education crisis in school education. Many state governments and municipal corporations are implementing different PPP models in school education but none of them are successful. We are creating an innovative PPP Model which can ensure excellent quality of education and which can cover all school going children in near future (95% of children in 10 to 12 years). Our role in this project is to create a PPP Model and to help various public authorities to implement it. Here public authorities could be central government of India, state governments or municipal corporations. We will also act as a catalyst in creation or private operators to ensure that there are enough number of private operators who can deliver excellent education once the PPP Model is implemented. hirapra.ravi@gmail.com
Involve A low cost peer teaching initiative where we train senior school students (called educators) in their formative years of age 12-16 to help and teach their juniors (called learners) after school hours We partner with low income private schools to provide after school classes, using peer teaching, to students who may need further academic support. To facilitate the teaching, we provide purpose based lesson plan with easy to understand content with different methods of learning. We take the help of school teachers to manage the classroom environment and track the progress of each individual. We ensure the educator : learner ratio maintained to be 1:8 to ensure personalised attention. involve.education@gmail.com
Digital Flora Digital Flora provides indoor vertical farming Infrastructure and Solutions for growing food sustainably and cost effectively in urban areas. With the continuous increase in number of people migrating to urban areas and degrading quality of cultivable land, we will need alternate ways to produce food sustainably. By 2050, nearly 80% of the world’s population will reside in urban areas. On top of that, there is huge transportation cost associated with nearly all of the food we eat. Our vision is to produce food in urban areas near to the place where it will be consumed in most efficient way possible. We will provide vertical farming infrastructure to anyone who wants to grow food locally. By automating almost all of the aspects required( like climate, growth tracking, optimization using machine learning etc) we believe more people will have interest in growing food by themselves as there will be no agricultural expertise required. anuj4fulia@gmail.com
KitaabWallet KitaabWallet provides a common platform for renting books and provides supportive services. We are providing a platform wherein consumers can have easy access to books irrespective of their socio-economic background. Unlike libraries and online book renters, our service and database of books available for circulation, is dynamic and is not bounded by any limitations (like genres). Subscription model is adapted in our system so as to provide beneficiaries to both the parties (renter and the user). soumalyamukherjee8@gmail.com
Theeta Bringing customers and restaurants closer The restaurants in India have a fluctuating demand. It is high in some part of the day and low in some part of the day. During the time when they have very few customers, they’d be willing to give a discount to get some more customers. What we do is get these offers, which are dynamic in nature to the customer. The restaurateur will put up an offer on a day for a short time to attract customers. Our customers can search for nearby restaurants and view the various offers that the restaurants are offering and pick one to eat.
Later on we are expanding into consulting services for restaurants. From the data we get in the intial months of our app, we wil able to find out “who eats what at when” and help the restaurants in improving their inventory, prepared food items and reduce food wastage.
SDG Society SDG Society is a US Department of State funded project which focuses on raising awareness and inducing action among school students regarding the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which are spearheaded by the United Nations. In consultation with experts, we are working to design, develop and carry out training modules and workshops on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for the school children first in Delhi and Chennai. The workshops would focus on training the students to incorporate sustainable practices in day-to-day lives. We plan to hold awareness campaigns in schools aided by various presentations, interactive modules and fun games. We would also help the students organize small community meetings in their localities to share their ideas, evaluate their viability and help achieve global goals through solving local issues. As a part of our long term strategy, we are looking towards creating a culture of youth engagement in developmental work. sdgsociety@gmail.com
Dynamove Dynamove provides integrated, end-to-end solutions for intelligent transportation systems, making vehicles safe, smart and connected. We are building a hardware platform for in-vehicle alerts and driver assistance, vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) communication, camera and sensor fusion, predictive maintenance and analytics, and infotainment. This will be coupled with our cloud based fleet routing and optimization solutions, traffic signal optimization, checkpoint and toll gate management, and city-scale traffic flow management. We are building reconfigurable hardware that can be retrofitted into any existing vehicle to make it “safe, smart and connected”. These can also be manufactured with new vehicles and provide owners the ability to better control the way they drive. rohan@dynamove.in
PostInc We are an upcoming social networking platform, exclusively for designers. We plan to connect designers all over India with other designers and with people who are in need of quality design. We have built an e commerce store that sells posters, as a start. The designs will be crowdsourced from designers all over the country. The designers will then be connected to each other via a social networking platofrm. This will eventually take a form of a freelancing platform where anyone with a designing requirement can post in their requirements to any of the designers present in the network. yashtmrkr@gmail.com
Rang At Rang, we intend to create correction glasses for those affected by Partial Color Blindness, effectively negating their disability. Color blindness is for life and no cure is available as of now. Fixing it at the root cause would take at least decades for mankind using tools such as gene editing, let alone its side effects

1 out of 12 men and 1 out of 256 women are affected by color blindness. This amounts to about 318 million people worldwide, out of which 308 million are men.Those affected have very limited career options and are even barred from obtaining a driving license in some countries

There are some US-based companies which are offering similar product as that of ours, but it is extremely difficult for a person in India to avail them due to financial and travel constraints

At Rang, we intend correction glasses for those affected by Partial Color Blindness by using an optical filter that enables the person to distinguish between colors in the confusion band.

Smart Secure Aims to enable elderly people to be safe and comfortable in their homes by monitoring and controlling entrance locks of their homes without any need of movement using a wearable wrist gear. The idea includes the use of a customisable wrist gear and a mobile application (which can be used independently) to control the door smart locks (also made by us) . The user can wear the gear and can obtain the current status of the lock and control it using buttons. Whenever their is a knock on the door, the user can also communicate with the visitor outside through the wrist gear directly. The mobile application is designed for other members of the family who can control the lock from anywhere (within or outside the house). Our product, thus, makes the elderly self dependent for their safety and help them feel more confident in their homes. ankit97kiitm@gmail.com
LAND OFMAKERS Inculcating the spirit of innovation in todays young minds with tomorrows technology of 3d printing. Making a one stop solutiom platform for 3d printing We aim at making a 3d printed integrated school curriculum as per the specific board requirements, providing training for 3d modelling and designing, teaching how to make a 3d printer at home and selling the latest 3d printing technologies, making an online community of makers(school students, college students, individuals) to share their creativity among themselves and doodle along the way.Last but not the least we will even provide 3d printing services to those who just want to have something to be printed but lack on owing a 3d printer by developing an online cloud based platform for all the individual as well as commercial 3d printer service providers to our online customers.A one stop solution for 3d printing services for everyone. landofmakers@gmail.com
Melvano Technology driven micro learning platform for middle income, self studying students in k-12. Melvano is a micro learning platform providing Instant tutoring & quality learning content. We at melvano aims at providing quality education to students belonging to middle class income group who cannot afford private coachings/tutors. By leveraging the power of technology, we are bridging the gap between students & tutors & revolutionalising education space. melvano.official@gmail.com
Modulus Housing Solutions An innovative prefabricated house that involves zero labour and instant set-up. While being portable, affordable and durable Modulus hosuing started its journey with the noble intent of creating emergency response structures to be used during disasters. Through innovation and constant efforts, we came up with our first produt- The Foldable House. A house which can be folded and taken anywhere. The simple and novel design makes the foldable house a great fit in many markets where instant housing is required. When used at its fullest potential can cater to huge markets like construction, defence and military, refugee housing which sum upto a multi million dollar addressibel market. Going ahead, we envision to change the way structures are constructed by making the process completely optimized and effiicient. modulushousing@gmail.com


In order to apply for Nirmaan program, please contact:

Student Executive Head, Nirmaan

Aadil Khan



We are delighted that you would like to be a part of Nirmaan!