To promote student-industry relations for CFI and to see CFI develop into a technical consultancy lab that can adapt to fulfil the needs of the modern industries.

We strive to do the following:

  1. To facilitate product development and incentivization.
  2. To create an impact on industries and students.
  3. To strengthen industrial relations.
  4. To bridge opportunities and talent.


The ICT team represents CFI to external shareholders, and bridges the gap between students (Technical Clubs) and Industries. This facilitates better communication,  and leads to the generation of innovative solutions. Given the young talent pool,  ICT aims to foster new research and development ideas for industries to put to use.

  1. Take up challenging to solve key problems faced by industries.
  2. Earn repute for CFI through products / patents / intellectual property.
  3. To create and develop labs of industrial potential
  4. Generate sponsorship for CFI through partnerships and relations with industries.

Want to work with us?

  • Work with a CFI club: The industrial problem will be given to a CFI club.  This problem statement will be worked on by members selected by the club. Ideal for projects that require expertise and talent from a particular field.
  • An Industrial defined problem(IDP) or any other event: The problem statement will be open to the entire institute.  Anyone can attempt the problem statement and propose a solution.  Ideal for a company scouting talent and trying to reach out to a large crowd.
  • Anything else: The ICT is always happy to accommodate other avenues of engaging and benefiting the student community. Feel free to get in touch with us for the same.

Why work with us?

We provide quality solutions to our clients through professional consultancy and targeted allotment of work. Client satisfaction coupled with exposure for students forms the crux of our ideology and ICT is the way to unlock the potential which the industry-academia partnership holds. We assure you that the entire process, right from analysis of the problem to final solution, will be run in a smooth manner.



Currently no ongoing projects

  • HyperVerge – Cloud API for computer vision
  • Kwicksoft – Waste segregation
  • Titan
  • SPI –  Image processing
  • Alstrut – Warehouse automation
  • Toilet sanitation project

How does the Industry Connect Team work?

1. We are responsible for handling project requests that come from the industry or other organizations / research institutes.
2. We will be responsible for communicating with the concerned industry person, understanding the problem and making site visits before the project is taken up.
3. We will identify the areas of work involved and the potential for the project.
4. We will discuss the project with the concerned club heads and the CFI Head.
5. If all decide to go forward, club’s handle their respective modules.
6. We make the project proposal, quote, etc. and overlooks the project execution.
7. The execution look through will involve the submission of project reports, and regular project updates