Competitions at CFI had attracted students from all years and competition teams have bagged prizes both at national and international level.

Team Raftar

The Raftar formula racing team is recognized as one of the tireless, most dedicated teams at CFI.

  • Raftar Formula Racing bagged a podium finish at Formula Bharat, organized at Kari Motor Speedway, Coimbatore during January 24th to January 28th 2018.
  • Team Raftar was placed Third Overall among seventy one teams from all over India, while winning the Fuel Efficiency event and placing Second in Endurance (22 km run). The teams latest challenger, RFR 18 was also the lightest aero packaged car in the competition with a weight of just 178 Kgs.
  • Raftar Formula Racing is also the only Indian team to successfully register for Formula Student Germany, which will be held in August 2018 at Hockenheim.


Team Anveshak

Team Anveshak, aims to represent IIT Madras, and India, at the Rover Challenge series, an international platform for competitive robotics.The team comprises of 30 highly driven students.

  • The team represented India in the University Rover Challenge(URC), 2017 at Utah, USA. They were the top 36 teams across the world that qualified for URC.
  • Anveshak finished 29th out of 36 teams.They have won a sponsorship of $1000 from Protocase Inc. to manufacture future editions of the rover.

The team is set to give a real push for URC 2018!


Team Abhiyaan

The team is working with a mission to create efficient and safe transportation solutions, are trying to build a ground vehicle which is capable of navigating autonomously via GPS way-points.

  • Team Abhiyaan participated in the Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition (IGVC-2017) held at Oakland University, Michigan, USA. It was one among the two teams from India which qualified for the competition.
  • After clearing the Design Challenge, they participated in the AutoNav challenge where they were one of the top 13 teams to qualify out of 35.

The team will prepare vigorously for the upcoming IGVC, 2018 and we wish them good luck.


Team Avishkar

  • Team Avishkar represented IIT Madras, and India, at SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition, an international platform seeking innovations for fifth mode of transportation.
  • The team comprising of 30 highly enthusiastic students is working with a mission to develop very fast and efficient transportation solutions to design the Hyperloop pod.
  • The team qualified for the round 1 of the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod competition,2018.

Team Amogh

  • The team participated in Underwater Technology Conference , 2015 at NIOT and their paper  “Design and motion control of Autonomous Underwater Vehicle, Amogh” presented here has been published on IEEE Xplore.
  • Amogh was ranked amongst top 15 in the world from
    39 participating teams in 17th International RoboSub Competition
    (AUVSI Foundation) San Diego, USA and was declared best team from India.
  • The team won the national Students Autonomous Vehicle competitions
    (SAVe 2014).
  • National Student Design Competition 2013, NDRF:
    • Gold Medal in Electrical Engineering Category
    • Silver Medal in Marine Engineering Category


Lockheed Martin Team

A prototype of the C-130 aircraft created by IIT Madras students that will reduce operation time at disaster hit areas from eight hours to less than 90 minutes.

The Lockheed Martin is a University Design Challenge.

  • 18 students from IITM designed a cargo ground build-up system (CGBS) that can cut down operation time from eight hours to less than 90 minutes. It’s a transportable vehicle which can be moved quickly in and out of the aircraft, cutting out the need for manual labour to offload relief material.
  • The competition held on 7-8th March, 2016, FICCI Federation House, New Delhi was successful for the team.The response that the team got from the judges, especially the ones from Lockheed Martin,DRDO and TATA, was very encouraging. Both the companies are very interested in the commercialisation of our concept of Cargo Ground Build Up (CGBS) which is a transportable cargo handling vehicle for the C-130.
  • Lockheed Martin has given the team $60,000 for the prototype.

Team Adhira

Adhira Formula Racing had a great start in the first season of the Formula Bharat Electrical Vehicle Design Challenge, organized at Kari Motor Speedway, Coimbatore during January 26th to January 28th 2018.

  • Team Adhira was placed Fifth Overall among nineteen teams from all over India, while placing third in the Cost and sustainability analysis event and placing Seventh in the design review.
  • The Team was lauded for its design approach by judges having ranked first among teams that don’t yet having a working car.


Team Nimbus

Team Nimbus was chosen to participate in SAE Aero Design Competition, the largest collegiate Aero Design Competition in the world, along with 75 teams across the globe at Fort Worth, Texas. The team built an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle(UAV) powered by an IC engine with remote take-off,payload dropping and landing capabilities. The team  was placed 2nd in India and 15th worldwide in design round.


Inter IIT Team

Inter IIT Tech Meet is organised every year by one of the IITs. IIT Madras’ performance is always great. In the meet organised by IIT Mandi in 2016 IIT Madras stood 3rd overall while it grabbed 1st position in internet of things.At Inter IIT-Tech Meet 2015 held at IIT Kharagpur,the hardware modelling team won the bronze medal for designing and making a walking aid for visually challenged people.