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iBot club was formed in 2008, with a vision to raise the level of Robotics in the institute to an international standard by developing an integrated knowledge base in the field of Robotics. It is one of the most active clubs in CFI, comprising of 600 members from all years.

iBot is striving to inspire and enable the students to explore their creativity and engineering skills through robotics by engaging them in exciting mentor based program which teaches them both technical skills, teamwork and leadership. It has succeeded in sending teams to competitions like URC, ROBOCON, DRDO, IARC, IAUVC and FIRA.

By offering indispensable guidance through workshops and tutorials, equipment to all the interested students, iBot club helps students express their skills, knowledge and creativity through conceptualizing and designing state of the art prototypes. iBot club is not leaving any stone unturned in the process of becoming a self-sustained student robotics hub.


To inspire and enable students to explore their creativity and engineering skills through robotics; in a fun and competitive atmosphere that teaches them both technical skills, teamwork and leadership. To promote learning of new technologies amongst the students and to enable them to experience the joy of designing something on their own.


To inspire young people to be the leaders in robotics, by engaging them in exciting, mentor-based programs that build engineering skills, inspire innovation, and foster well-
rounded life capabilities including self confidence, communication and leadership.

Current Activities :

The iBot Club is home to many of Insti’s robotics enthusiasts who spend a great chunk of their time in designing and prototyping robots which can perform any required task. We also organize regular workshops to inspire students across varied technical backgrounds to develop their ideas and expose them to the wonders of robotics. One of our workshops organized in conjunction with Swissnex Robotics India, on underwater robotics, was a great success and got extended press coverage as well. Experts from the Autonomous Systems Lab ETH Zurich, came down to IIT Madras to conduct this workshop.

Apart from these, we mentor several student projects throughout the year. Last year, our projects included developing a wall climbing robot, a smart walking stick for assisting blind people, a water can lifting robot, a smart locking mechanism, a self-balancing platform and a glass cleaning robot. One of our previous projects, a home automation system based on the Internet of Things won the gold medal in the Inter-IIT Tech Meet 2016.


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