Clubs at CFI are its functioning organs. Divided based on interest, each club represents a student group highly enthusiastic in that specific field. Each club has members right from the first year to the final year undergraduate students and even students from postgraduate courses. Knowledge transfer, resulting in reducing the learning period is the strength of clubs at CFI.

3D Printing Club

Lokesh Kumar


 Aeromodelling and Aerial Robotics Club

R Kavin Kailash

Rishabh Verma

Astronomy and Physics Club

Somayajulu Dhulipala

Amit Srivastava

Auto Club

Harish Balaji

Computer Vision and Intelligence Group

Aravinth Muthu


iBot Club

Shashwat Sahoo

Yash Patil

Electronics Club

Akash Anandan

Rohith Kancherla

The WebOps ClubWebOps_club

Chinni Chaitanya

Minu Aswanth

Analytics Club

Sanjay Kumar M

Techno Entertainment Club

Deepanath C

Abhishek Kelkar


Arvind Pujari

Srinivas Abhilash

Programming Club


Social Entrepreneurship Club

Samyak Jain