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Wanhao Duplicator - the Semi-professional 3D Printer based on Makerbot Replicator. Printer kept at Eaton Mechatronics lab, CFI.
Wanhao Duplicator – the Semi-professional 3D Printer based on Makerbot Replicator. Printer kept at Eaton Mechatronics lab, CFI.


Dreamer Flashforge – FDM(fused deposition Modelling ) 3D printer mainly used by different clubs for printing the components of the ongoing projects is kept at Eaton Mechatronics lab, CFI

3D Printing Club was started in the year 2015 with the vision of promoting a new form of manufacturing technology among the students and driving research and innovation in the field of 3D Printing.

The 3D Printing Club currently houses multiple 3D printers. Few of them were built during the 3D Printing Summer School conducted in May 2016 with the support of the open source 3D printing community.


3D Printers based on Project RepRap (built at IIT Madras)


VISTAAR 2017 (JUNE 2017)

Vistaar aims to foster the spirit of engineering by coaching budding entrepreneurs and spreading the concept of CFI beyond IITM. Currently, the initiative is laying the foundations for similar CFIs at IIT Palakkad and IIT Tirupati.  As a follow-up, 40 interested 1st year students from both the institutions were invited to work on club mentored projects in CFI over the summer to experience first hand: the steps, values and spirit needed to establish similar culture in their institutes. The 3D Printing club ran a project on building a 3d printer and made a 3d printed robotic arm with the printer.

Team members for Vistaar 2017 with their two 3d printers and robotic arm project
3D printed robotic Arm Components
Final projects







Printing in progress


Summer School 2017 (JULY 2017)

The 3D Printing club’s summer school started on 9 May, with an. overview of the history and industrial applications of 3D Printing… Students learned how to scan real world objects, 3D modeling using.. CAD software like Tinkercad, SketchUp, Autodesk Fusion 360 and.. operating a printer. In the final session, students designed and 3D.. printed their own custom Lego brick.

LEGO printing in progress



The Annual CFI Open House was scheduled on 8th October 2017. The Open House is an event showcasing the recent work and achievements of our innovators, as well as providing an opportunity for them to network with  potential mentors and facilitators in entrepreneurship and technology. Students from IIT Palakkad and IIT Tirupati  also displayed their work from the Vistaar Program. The 3DP club had presented all their projects of current year robotic arm, animal prosthetic, human prosthetic and plaster cast  and had received appreciation from all the attendees.

Students interacting with 3DP team
Vistaar 2017 students displaying their projects
3D Printed Prosthetic hand on display













Current Projects

  • Animal Prosthetics – Some animals require assistance in the form of prosthetics for their daily life functions like running, eating etc. This project involves collaborating with animal NGOs and veterinarians to help these animals with 3D printed customized prosthetics. we have  collaborated with NGO PFA (people for animals) wildlife hospital, bengaluru, students created these prosthetics through first 3D scanning the amputed leg of monkeys, 3D modeling the leg in autodesk inventor and fusion and 3D printing and implement it on an animal .
  • 3D Printed Plaster Cast – Everyone hates that old plaster cast on hand when you break a bone. 3D printing technology offers a unique solution to this problem. A cool modern design which lets your skin breathe, doesn’t disintegrate in water and allows you to get back to your regular life asap. We have worked on designing this cool accessory for a fractured arm, apply engineering, 3D scan and finally fabricated using 3D printing.
  • Prosthetic Arms – The project aims at developing a functional prosthetic arm with the use of ‘Myo Armband’. The Myo armband reads electrical activity of your muscles to control technology with gestures and motion, hands free. It will allow an amputee to give control over a prosthetic arm for performing daily tasks.
    Prosthetic arm developed by 3D printing club
  • House 3D Printer – The project involves development of a 3D printer which can print in concrete and build affordable houses which can be printed within 24 hours. This will be useful to build houses for refugees or homeless people or people affected by a natural calamity in a very short time with minimal cost. The Department of Civil engineering , IIT madras and a startup (Tvasta) of an Alumni of 3d printing club ,CFI are working on this project.







Past Projects

  • Delta 3D Printer – This project involved building a Delta 3D printer, known forhigh speeds,  with the support from the open source community.A delta 3D printer is a Fusion Deposition Modeling based 3D printer which has very light and unique style of moving parts compared to a conventional 3D printers allowing them to print at higher speeds with greater accuracy.
    Delta 3D Printer Developed by 3D printing club at CFI
    3D printed objects by Delta printer


  • Direct Light Processing (DLP) 3D Printer – This project aims to develop a DLP 3D printer. DLP 3D printers use photo-polymerization, a process by which light causes chains of molecules to link together, forming polymers. It involves projecting the entire slice of the object using a digital projector just like the ones used to watch movies thereby forming the 3D object layer by layer.
    3D printed objects by DLP Printer
DLP 3D printer developed by 3D printing club
  • Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) 3D Printer – This project involved designing and building a low cost SLS 3D printer completely from scratch. The 3D printer uses laser to sinter powdered material thereby forming a solid object.
    SLS  3D Printer Developed by 3D printing Club
  • Cloud 3D Printing – This project involved controlling and monitoring the 3D printers via cloud allowing users with internet access to print on 3D printers far away from them.  
    Cloud 3D printer Developed by 3D printing Club


    • Integrated Ramps Board for SLS 3D Printer – This project involves development of a customized Ramps or shield board for the club-built SLS 3D printer for operating different mechanisms in the SLS 3D printer.


  • Granule Extruder – The project involves development of an extruder mechanism which uses plastic granules instead of filaments which conventional 3D printers use. This will help recycle plastic 3D printed material by converting them in granules and recycling them.
  • 3D Printed Clothes and Footwear– 3D printing is revolutionizing how clothes are made. In this project, you will be a modern fashion designer. This project is research oriented. That is, exploring various techniques and methodologies followed by experimentation. You will research materials, 3D model your outfit, apply your design sense and 3D print it. A 3D printed dress debuted at New York Fashion Week some time ago.
  • Food 3d printer- 
  • 3d printed scanner-The project involves building a fully 3d printed scanner..The main objective of the 3-D scanner is to analyse a real world object or environment to collect data on it’s shape and possibly it’s appearance. The collected data will be used to construct digital 3-D models with best resolution.
  • 3d printed rockets

3DP regular Sessions at IITM

The sessions of 3d printing always witnesses a huge turnout of students. A lot of enthusiasm is shown by the students for the session The students are  given exposure to the world of 3d printing , its aspects and different facets. A live demonstration of FFF(fused filament fabrication) 3d printing was given and all time favourite supehero BATMAN model was 3d printed in the first session. the second session covered the different processes involved in 3d  printing and different materials used in 3d printing. STAY TUNED for many more upcoming sessions!!!

some glimpses from the sessions-







Reach out  to us at 3dprintingclub.iitm@gmail.com